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Weather-Proof Outdoor Lighting:  Building Perimeters, Outdoor Accents, Security, Entry/Exit Ways

The Everywhere Light:  Garages, Night Work, Attics, Campgrounds & more.  Some models link together as well!

Lowest Energy Consumption Replacement Bulbs:  Offices, Retail, Industrial Buildings, Warehouses

All-Weather Outdoor Lighting: Car Wash, Parking Garage, Gas Station, Rated for  Damp Environments & more

Ultra Bright Light Bulb: Pathway Lighting, Lamp Post, Photography, Warehouse, Virtually Anywhere!

Dynamic Lighting: Landscaping, Stadiums, Monuments, Bridges, Event Centers, Galleries, Theaters & more.

All-Purpose Indoor: Living Room, Showcase, Dining, Kitchen, Office, Lobby, Pathway & much more!

Outdoor Directional Bulb: Street Lights, Parking Lots, Wall Pack.

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Linkable LED Work Light

6,500 Lumen | 60 Watts | 5000K (Crisp Daylight)

only $89.00

Was $118.80

LED Outdoor
Canopy Light

4,800 Lumen | 45 Watts | 5000K (Crisp Daylight)

ONLY $75.00

UFO LED Highbay

21,000 Lumen | 150 Watt | 4000K/5000k/5700k (Color Temperature)

from $159.00

6" LED Down light

900 Lumen | 13 Watts | 2700K (Soft Warm)


[$6.48 Each]

Looking for Lighting Controls, Dimmers & Switches?

As smart technology continues to integrate itself into our daily lifestyle, the need will arise for switches & controls. 

Our products can solve this problem with a single touch or work with Smart Apps! 

Touch-Plate gives you effortless control wherever you need it.

Hop over to our controls site to learn more!


Shopping for LED Lighting Products can be tricky. A lot of the available information is generic & may not leave you feeling confident about the longevity of your purchase.
Here at Touch-Plate we pride our on product having the most lumens per dollar for best cost, but also a product that will ACTUALLY last. We expect all of our products to outlive their warranty. Highlighted below are our Best Selling & Customer Favorite products we currently carry.

Still have questions? Please contact us! E-mail, chat, phone or stop on in, we are here to help!


19,500 Lumens | 150 Watt | 200-480 Volt
5000K (Daylight)

Up to 70% Energy Savings!
DLC Listed
50,000 Hour Lifetime or greater

ONLY $180.00

LED parking light

52,500 Lumens | 300 Watt | 120-277 Volt
5000K (Daylight)

Up to 70% Energy Savings!
DLC & UL Listed
5 Year Limited Warranty

ONLY $247.00

LED Wall Pack

14,400 Lumens | 120 Watt | 200-480 Volt
5000K (Daylight)

Up to 70% Energy Savings!
DLC Listed
50,000 Hour Lifetime or greater

ONLY $129.00

LED Barn light

4,800 Lumens | 40 Watt | 120-277 Volt
5000K (Daylight)

Up to 70% Energy Savings!
5 Year Limited Warranty
Instant Start, No Flicker & No Humming!

ONLY $48.00

6" LED down light


900 Lumens | 13 Watt | 120-277 Volt
2700K (soft warm)

Up to 70% Energy Savings!
Retrofit as easy as changing a light bulb!
50,000 Hour Lifetime or greater!

ONLY $12.95 [$6.48 each]


2,700 Lumens | 25 Watt | Standard E26 BASE

Ultra Bright Omni Directional Light
ETL Listed
Self Cooling Heat Sinks, No Moving Parts

ONLY $34.95

LED Flood light

1,000 Lumens | 10 Watt | 120-277 Volt

Instant Energy Savings Up To 70%
DLC & UL Listed
270° Rotating EZ-Mount Bracket

ONLY $26.80


13,000 Lumens | 100 Watt | 200-480 Volt
5000K (Daylight)

Up To 70% Energy Savings!
DLC Listed
50,000 Hour Lifetime or greater

ONLY $149.00


19,500 Lumens | 150 Watt | 200-480 Volt
5000K (Daylight)

Up to 70% Energy Savings!
DLC Listed
5 Year Limited Warranty

ONLY $82.50